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20 Dec


Gifts are always fun but if they are personalized, they’re even better! Last year, I shared a fun cutout way to wrap your gifts. This holiday season, we will make it a little extra special. In this DIY, we will transform simple wooden storage boxes into decorative gift boxes that you can use to “wrap” your gifts. You will no longer need wrapping paper or ribbons and the gift receiver can reuse the box to store jewelry, stationary at the desk and many more!

The original idea for this DIY started when Target approached me for a DIY centered around weddings and their “Be Yourself, Together” theme. As wedding gifts, these decorative boxes serve two purposes: First you use them to “wrap” the his and her gifts for the couple and later, the couple can use the boxes as cute love letter boxes. The idea is that the newly married couple leaves each other love letters in the boxes whenever they like for a full year. It’s only on the day of their first wedding anniversary that they get to read those letters. How romantic and fun!  The letters could be anything from heart doodles, “I love you” notes to actual long letters!

Let’s get started, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Wooden Boxes (1 Red & 1 Pink)
  • Acrylic Jewels
  • Pattern Duct Tape (Lace, Blue, Yellow)
  • E6000 Glue
  • Scissors


Her Box

Step 1: Measure the lace tape to fit the length of the red box including the sides. Trim the white around the lace and place the lace vertically on the box lid.

Step 2: Embellish the box with the acrylic jewels using E6000 glue.

His Box

Step 3: With the blue tape, measure and place the needed length diagonally on the blue box lid.

Step 4: Cut thin strips of the yellow tape and add them parallel to the blue tape on the lid.

Step 5: Cut small pieces of yellow tape and add it to the blue box almost as if it was sprinkled on.

And your personalized gift boxes are ready to hold any gift! They are perfect for anyone to use as a gift or to “wrap” a gift.


While looking for the perfect customizable gift idea at my local Target, several other ideas came up while going through the products there. For example, you can hand embroider the couple’s initials on luxe towels, put your design on white plates/coffee mugs, stencil fun phrases on doormats, replace numbers on a clock with pictures of the couple/their pet, add gold paint details on wine glasses, and the list goes on! Target Wedding Registry makes it easy to find any items you would like to personalize and gift.


This post is brought to you in collaboration with Target. Images, ideas and opinions by HIGH on DIY.


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