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2 Feb


This special Valentine’s Day themed DIY is an extension of my DIY Glitter Heart Pillow from last year. Everyone loved the bursting  glitter effect (i.e. the heart bursting with love effect) so I decided to use the same imagery on another item that we can never have enough of either in the house — coasters!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Square or Round Cork Coasters
  • Super Fine Metallic Glitter (Martha Stewart/Jones Tones)
  • Mod Podge & a Large Brush
  • White Acrylic Paint and Medium Brushes
  • Container to Mix Glitter & Mod Podge
  • Pencil

Step 1: Using a medium brush, paint the coasters white with the acrylic paint. I left a thin outline on the edges unpainted. Let the paint dry for an hour or so.
Step 2: With a pencil, trace a heart in one of the corners of the square coasters and in the center of the round coasters. Make sure the heart shape leaves enough space on the coaster for the sprinkled glitter effect.
Step 3: In the container, add one part glitter to two parts Mod Podge to make the mixture and stir thoroughly with a medium brush.
Step 4: Using the same brush, paint the first coat of the mixture over the heart shape on the coaster. Try not to make the edges of the heart too strong, let the glitter mixture bleed outside the drawn shape since we are going for the gradient/sprinkled effect. Let the first coat dry for 10-15 minutes and add 2 more coats while letting each one dry before applying the next.
Step 5: Take a clean medium brush and dab a tiny bit of the mixture on it. Flick the brush on the coaster making sure to sprinkle the mixture off the brush instead of splattering. Sprinkle more glitter closer to the heart shape and repeat as necessary.
Step 6: Once this is dry, use a large brush to paint a thin layer of Mod Podge all over the surface of the coasters to seal the design.

Once that’s dry, you have sparkly metallic coasters. You can experiment with different designs or glitter in different colors.

If you are looking for more Valentine’s Day goodies, checkout the super simple DIY Clip-On Heart Earrings and the DIY His & Her Gift Box and Cut-Out Gift Wrap to place the gifts in. Have a happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


23 Oct


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and it’s almost here! I have collected most of the pieces for my costume but it still needs to be put together. If you have any good face paint recommendations, please leave a comment on this post! Besides the costumes, trick-or- treating is the other fun part of Halloween and in this DIY, I’ll share how to make really simple treat boxes. The boxes are based on the triangular origami box formats. The dripping blood details on them make handing out Halloween candy a lot more fun!

Here’s what you will need:

I used regular printing paper and the biggest box was made out of a 15×15 cm piece.



Step 1: Take one of the square pieces of paper and fold it on the diagonal axis.

Step 2: Fold the right and left corners towards the bottom corner and unfold after creating a crease.

Step 3: Fold the bottom corner up so the bottom tip reaches the middle of the top edge. Unfold after creating a crease. The creases now divide each piece into A, B, C sections.

Step 4: Repeat Steps 1, 2 and 3 on two other square pieces of paper of the same size since we need three pieces per box.

Step 5: To assemble the box, insert section A (both layers) of second piece between the two layers of section B of the first piece, section A of the third piece into section B of the second, and then section B of the third into section A of the first.

Step 6: The three section Cs make the base of the box. It is not very strong and sturdy. So add some tape at the outer bottom to secure the layers together.

Step 7: Light one of the red candles, place your boxes on a magazine or newspaper and let the melted wax from the candle drip on the outer walls of the box. Drip slowly and start at the top edge of the walls to make it appear like dripping blood. For all three boxes, I ended up using only 4 candles.

Let the wax dry and your Halloween treat boxes are ready to be used! Try making them in different color paper or use multiple colors for a single box.



Have a fun and happy halloween everyone! Keep up with next DIY inspirations and updates on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook!