17 Dec


It’s been a while since I shared a DIY bracelet, so here’s a new one for a sparkly bracelet for the holidays. It’s using a fishbone chain, which I haven’t used before, and sew-on crystal jewels which are the same as the ones I used in this necklace DIY. It is super simple to make, so you can make several and give them out as Christmas/Birthday/No-Reason gifts. [You can use this fun cut-out idea or embellished boxes idea for wrapping your gifts.]

What you’ll need:

  • Gold Fishbone Chain
  • Sew-On Crystal Jewels
  • Jumprings & Clasp
  • Wire Cutter & Jewelry Pliers

Step 1: Measure the fishbone chain to fit tightly around your wrist. Then split that piece into two longer and two shorter pieces. Using the pliers and jumprings, attach the two shorter ones to each side of a crystal jewel. You can attach the fishbone chain either facing each other (like mine in step 1) or facing away from each other (like my second bracelet in the final product shots).

Step 2: Attach the second and third crystal jewels on each of the short fishtail chains using the jumprings. Then add the two longer pieces of the chain to each of the crystal jewels. This time, the chains should face the opposite direction of the first two pieces.

Step 3: Secure one end of the bracelet with a clasp and other with a jumpring for the clasp. And you have your handmade DIY bracelet! You can create other unique pieces by swapping the crystal jewel with other jewel options. One can never have enough accessories!





For more ideas for handmade holiday presents, checkout the DIY Gallery. I hope you all have a very happy holidays and a fabulous end to 2014. Thank you so much for all your love this year! I have many more fun DIYs in store for 2015. Till then, get your creative fix and stay HIGHonDIY!


3 Nov

I have used some unusual materials for DIYs including black-eyed beans in a necklace but I have not used leather in a jewelry DIY yet. When I came across a piece of faux leather fabric, I thought I will give it a try. This DIY uses leather and gold chain to create a tiered or layered necklace with braiding and stud details. It was inspired by this beautiful handmade necklace from Anthropologie.


You’ll need:

  • Leather (two 15 x 1 inch pieces)
  • Gold Chain (three 16 inch pieces)
  • Gold Prong Studs (two)
  • Gold Jumprings (eight) & a Clasp
  • Pinch Crimps Cord Ends (two)
  • Jewelry Pliers & Scissors

Step 1: To braid the first piece of leather, split it into three equal parts leaving one-third of an inch at the end.

Step 2 & 3: Pass a jumpring through the rightmost part and braid four times. Add another jumpring to the new rightmost part and braid four times. Repeat it one more time so that there are three jumprings in total.

Step 4: Continue braiding till the end and cut off any uneven leather left at the end. Add one of the crimp cord ends to secure the braid.

Step 5: Repeat Steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 on the second piece of leather. Only difference is to add the jumprings on the leftmost part.

Step 6: Align the jumpring ends of both the leather pieces and begin attaching the chain to the jumprings. I started with the bottom two jumprings and instead of folding the chain exactly in half to add to the jumprings on each side, I kept one of them longer. This gives a more layered look.

Step 7: Add the jumprings and the clasp to the other ends of the braided leather pieces.

Step 8: To give a more polished look, add prong studs on each end of the leather pieces where we began braiding.



And you have a handmade necklace perfect for dresses or casual tank tops. To create a new look, you can replace the leather with different colored cords and get a completely new necklace or you can also add the studs all along the braided piece instead of just at the ends. So many options to customize, happy DIY-ing! Follow along on Instagram or Pinterest to stay up to date on upcoming DIYs.