21 Mar


Spring has officially started and that means festival season is here. Who is headed to Coachella this April? Last year, I showed you how to DIY a no-sew festival inspired maxi dress. Today’s beaded pendant necklace is also inspired by festival fashion. I had found these gorgeous beaded earrings at Urban Outfitters but never got a chance to wear them, this DIY will turn them into a fun boho chic necklace perfect for festivals or those spring/summer outfits.

Let’s get started, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Beaded Pendants (or pair of beaded hoop earrings)
  • Two 20cm Medium Size Chain Pieces
  • Jump Rings & Clasp
  • Jewelry Pliers


Step 1: Using the jewelry pliers, remove the latch-back portion of the earring that goes through the ear piercing.

Step 2: Attach the two hoops together using jump rings and pliers. Mine did not need jump rings since the earrings already had wire hooks at the end.

Step 3: Connect each end of the top hoop earring with a piece of 20cm chain using jump rings.

Step 4: Add a clasp to the loose end of one chain and jump ring to the loose end of the second chain.

You are done and ready to accessorize any festival outfit! Since the chain on the necklace is long and the pendant hangs low, it is also perfect for day-to-day casual looks as well. You can experiment with different color beads, chain sizes and pendant shapes. If you want to see how I included it in my outfits, follow along on Instagram. Happy Spring and stay HIGH on DIY!


9 Dec

For the holiday season, the more sparkles the better! In this DIY, we will create a crystal rhinestone and safety-pin necklace that you can add to any of your casual or party outfits for the holidays. It’s super quick and easy to make, so you can even give it out as presents. Let’s get started!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Sew-On Crystal Rhinestones (3 rectangles and 12 ovals)
  • Gold Chain (2 x 20cm pieces)
  • 8 Gold Jumpring & a Clasp
  • 5 Gold Safety-Pins
  • Jewelry Pliers


Step 1: Pick two of the safety-pins and bead 3 oval rhinestones on each one of them. Let’s call it Set A. On the remaining 3 safety-pins, bead the rhinestones in this order: oval – rectangle – oval. Let’s call this Set B.

Step 2: Use the jewelry pliers and jump rings to connect the safety-pins. Keep one safety-pin from Set B in the center and connect it on each side to safety-pins from Set A. Then follow up on each side with the remaining two safety-pins from Set B.

Step 3: Attach a jump ring on one end of the first 20 cm chain piece and add the clasp on one end of the second chain piece using a jump ring.

Step 4: Connect the other ends of the chain pieces to the last safety-pins on each sides using the pliers and jump rings.

And voilà, you are done! You can DIY this with different color rhinestones or paint the rhinestone with color nail polish to get another fun effect or DIY with silver safety-pins.


Have a Happy & Sparkly Holiday Season! Be sure to keep up with my behind the scenes on Instagram and inspiration collections on Pinterest!