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29 Apr


Who doesn’t love a simple pair of earrings that can be worn with any outfit! I had pinned one such earring on Pinterest a while back and got a great response, so I thought I will show you how to recreate your own version. It is a heart-shaped earring that can be just squeezed/clipped on your ear. I have shown the steps in detail here but it is super easy and quick to make. So let’s get started!

You’ll Need:

  • Gold 0.64 mm Jewelry Wire
  • Jewelry Pliers (Round Nose will work best)
  • Jewelry Wire Cutter


Step 1: Cut a 15 cm piece of the gold wire.

Step 2: By slightly folding the wire piece in half, find the mid point on the piece.

Step 3: Hold half of the wire with one hand. Then place the pliers tip at the mid point of the wire and twist it towards yourself to make the dip portion of the heart. It should end up looking like the second image in Step 3.

Step 4: Make the first curve of the heart on one side of the dip using the pliers.

Step 5: Holding onto the curved portion made in Step 4, make the second curve of the heart on the other side of the dip. The top part of one heart is done!

Step 6: While holding the criss-crossed wire ends with one hand, slightly squeeze the heart shape side with the other hand. Keep pressing until the heart is the size you want.

Step 7: Once you have the heart in the size you want, hold tightly on the criss-crossed wire ends and twist the heart three times either towards or away from you.

Step 8: While holding on the heart you made, bend the first wire end inwards to make one of the curves for the new heart. It should now look like the second image in Step 8.

Step 9: Repeat Step 8 on the second loose wire end to make the second curve on the new heart.

Step 10: With your wire cutter, trim the access loose wire leaving just a short criss-crossed portion.

Step 11: Place the pliers at the very tip of one of the wire ends and twist it to make a small spiral shape. This way the ends won’t hurt the ear when wearing and it also creates a more decorative heart shape. Repeat the same on the other wire end.

Step 12: Now that both the hearts are made, hold one heart firmly in one hand and bend both towards yourself so that it curves along the three twists made in Step 7. It should now look like a clip that you can easily slide on your ear. If you need to bend it further, press it between your thumb and finger gently. Make sure not to make the curve very sharp because you want space for your ears between the two hearts.

There you have your own version of the heart-shaped clip-on earrings or ear cuffs! To wear, just place your ear between the two hearts and squeeze it to adjust. You want it to sit tight enough on your ear so that it doesn’t keep falling off. These are great because you can either wear facing the regular heart shape or the decorative heart shape.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY! I would love to see if you give this a try. You can try out different shapes and designs instead of a heart. It is the first one that takes longer but after the first one, you can create several within minutes. Keep up with what’s next on Facebook & Pinterest. Until next time, stay HIGH on DIY!

All images by HIGHonDIY. Thanks to my brother for being the photographer for this DIY!


10 Oct

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this week’s DIY is dedicated to this special cause. Even a small contribution towards raising awareness about breast cancer counts, so spread the word!

In this DIY, we will be making a beautiful pair of gold chain-wrapped pink earrings in a few simple steps. I was inspired by the chain trim Gia earrings from Nicole Romano (left) and the Swarovski crystal clip earrings by Etro (right). Let’s get started!

You only need a few things to DIY these simple earrings. I got them all from Michael’s; you can find them easily at any other craft/jewelry supply store. Here’s what you will need:

  • 2 Flat-Back Buttons (Mine are from the Galaxy Collection by Dress It Up)
  • 2 Gold Chains (Long enough to wrap around the button once + 4 cm to dangle)
  • 2 Gold Earring Posts (8mm or 10mm i.e. smaller than the buttons)
  • 2 Gold Earring Backs
  • E-6000 Glue
  • Toothpicks

Step 1: Add a drop of glue on the flat surface side of each of the earring posts.

Step 2: Press the earring post against the back of the button to glue them together. Instead of the center, I glued the post at one of the corners of the square button so when I wear the earring, it will sit lower on my ear lobe which will help the chain dangle better. If your button is round, you can pick any area that’s away from the center. Regardless of the button shape, make sure not to glue the post outside the button area. You want the post hidden behind the button. Let the glue dry completely for at least 30 minutes.

Step 3: On the corner of the button where you glued the post, mark the rim at that corner as point A and the rim on the exact opposite corner as point B. Carefully add glue around the rim of the button with a toothpick. Then take one of your gold chain pieces and fold it in half to find the exact middle of the chain. Glue the middle of the chain at point A on the button rim. If your button is round, choose any point on the button as A and the exact opposite point as B.

Step 4: Once the middle of the chain is secure at point A on the button rim, continue gluing on each side of  point A till you reach point B on the button rim. At point B, you should have extra chain on each side that dangles off the button. Each dangly piece on my earring is around 2 cm. Repeat Steps 3 & 4 to make the second earring and let the glue dry completely on both the earrings.

Then you have your own gold chain-wrapped sparkly earrings! They are super easy to make with any flat-back button/bead in any color, shape or design you like. Using the same steps but a different style of chain for the trim around the button will create a completely new pair of earrings. You can use these chic earrings to dress up any outfit!

I hope you had fun creating these chain-wrapped sparkly pink earrings! Also, I would love to hear what you think of my use of illustrations to display the finished earrings instead of modeling it myself. The original illustrations for the second and the last images are by the very talented Jessica Durrant. She has many more amazing works, so check them out! Until the next DIY, get your creative fix & stay HIGH on DIY!

Inspo images via Moda Operandi (left) and Net-A-Porter (right).  All other images by HIGH on DIY.