17 Dec


It’s been a while since I shared a DIY bracelet, so here’s a new one for a sparkly bracelet for the holidays. It’s using a fishbone chain, which I haven’t used before, and sew-on crystal jewels which are the same as the ones I used in this necklace DIY. It is super simple to make, so you can make several and give them out as Christmas/Birthday/No-Reason gifts. [You can use this fun cut-out idea or embellished boxes idea for wrapping your gifts.]

What you’ll need:

  • Gold Fishbone Chain
  • Sew-On Crystal Jewels
  • Jumprings & Clasp
  • Wire Cutter & Jewelry Pliers

Step 1: Measure the fishbone chain to fit tightly around your wrist. Then split that piece into two longer and two shorter pieces. Using the pliers and jumprings, attach the two shorter ones to each side of a crystal jewel. You can attach the fishbone chain either facing each other (like mine in step 1) or facing away from each other (like my second bracelet in the final product shots).

Step 2: Attach the second and third crystal jewels on each of the short fishtail chains using the jumprings. Then add the two longer pieces of the chain to each of the crystal jewels. This time, the chains should face the opposite direction of the first two pieces.

Step 3: Secure one end of the bracelet with a clasp and other with a jumpring for the clasp. And you have your handmade DIY bracelet! You can create other unique pieces by swapping the crystal jewel with other jewel options. One can never have enough accessories!





For more ideas for handmade holiday presents, checkout the DIY Gallery. I hope you all have a very happy holidays and a fabulous end to 2014. Thank you so much for all your love this year! I have many more fun DIYs in store for 2015. Till then, get your creative fix and stay HIGHonDIY!


17 Nov

One can never have enough bracelets! This DIY is all about creating these beautiful infinity bracelets with bead and knot details. It’s so quick and simple that you won’t quite stop at one!


Here’s what you will need:

  • Embroidery Thread
  • Infinity Charms
  • Gold Beads

Step 1: Take 15 inches of the embroidery thread in two colors. Pick the middle of the two threads and loop them around one side of the infinity charm tightly. This way there are four strands of thread to add the beads and knots to.

Step 2: Pick a strand of the first color and add one of the gold beads.

Step 3: With the same beaded strand, add four knots with each tightly against the last.

Step 4 & 5: Repeat Steps 2 & 3 on a strand of the second color.

Step 6: Continue adding the beads on alternating colors of thread till you have 6 beads in total. For each color, alternate the strands so they are the same length at the end.

Step 7 & 8: Once the four knots are completed after the last bead, braid the remaining strands and add a knot at the end to hold them together. Trim the loose strands after the knot. Repeat all the steps on the other side of the infinity charm and you have your infinity beaded bracelet!


Keep up on Pinterest and Instagram for sneak peeks into my DIY inspirations and behind the scenes. Until next time, get your creative fix and stay HIGH on DIY!