20 Jun


Striped dresses are a summer staple. I was on the lookout for one at the beginning of the season but could not really find something that had the right balance of price and style. This one by Bec & Bridge with the asymmetric hem was my favorite but I was not willing to shed almost $200 on a single dress. So of course, I DIYed! I bought a simple H&M dress for less than $20 and in three easy steps, recreated my version of the Bec & Bridge dress.

Follow along to see how you can get the asymmetric hem look on a striped dress in a few simple steps – sewing skills are optional! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Striped Fitted Dress (Steps illustration dress from Topshop)
  • Scissors
  • Needle & Thread/Fabric Glue/Fabric Tape


Step 1: Lay the dress on a flat surface and cut off the hem section that covers the width of one white stripe and one black stripe all around the dress. We will use this in Step 3 to create the asymmetrical wrap effect.

Step 2: Based on the width of the dress, measure the center (pink line) that divides the dress into left and right sections. This center will be the guide for the cuts we will make. Point A is the length of your dress on the short side, so measure that accordingly. Point B falls on the center and is a straight line from A. On the left half of the dress, Point C sits closer to the edge than the pink center line. Point D is at the left edge and on the same level as Points A & B. On the front side of the dress, cut the dress from A-B, B-C and C-D. On the back of the dress, cut the dress all the way from D-A in a straight line.

Step 3: Take the hem you cut off in Step 1. Cut it at the left or right edge so it’s a straight line and not a loop. Place it diagonally from Point C to Point B and continue the diagonal line over the right section of the dress till the edge. Cut off any extras. You can sew the piece onto the dress, glue it or bond the two together with fabric tape. And you are done!


If your dress is not long enough for this, you can buy a similarly striped T-Shirt/Tank/Skirt. Then cut off the diagonal strip and triangular piece from that extra item and add it at the bottom of your dress. Then you have your own unique striped dress with an asymmetrical wrap effect. I love that this dress can be worn both casually during the day and little more dressier during the night with the addition of fa ew accessories. What are some of your other summer must haves?

Final outfit images by my dearest brother.


12 May

DIY_Gold, Metal_Fringe_Purse_Bag

For Spring/Summer 2014, fringe is everywhere — dresses, skirts, accessories and everything in between. My favorites were the fringed purses that I saw on several of the shows from Céline, Gucci to Valentino. This DIY is my take on the runway trend. For the purse that I wanted to embellish, I was looking for gold fringes to go with the gold studs that the purse already had. That’s when I came across this necklace at H&M and thought it would be perfect. I have seen similar ones at Old Navy and Forever21. You can easily buy metal fringe trims at craft stores as well. Lets get started!

You’ll Need:

  • Gold Metal Fringe (or Any Fringe Necklace)
  • A Purse
  • Needle and Thread
  • Jewelry Pliers

DIY_Gold, Metal_Fringe_Purse_Bag_Steps

Step 1: With the jewelry pliers, remove the jump rings and the clasps at both ends of the necklace.

Step 2: I added the fringe necklace to the front flap of the purse. Usually purses have a fabric lining inside, so I used a thread that matched the lining and sewed the top part of the necklace onto the fabric. Make sure to align the necklace evenly on the flap. I secured the ends well so the weight of the necklace does not pull itself off the purse and fall off.

DIY_Gold, Metal_Fringe_Purse_Bag2

Then you have your gold fringe purse ready to be paired up with any of your summery outfits! Great for everyday or for those summer fests on your list. Simple and quick DIY but it turns your regular purse into something more fun and chic. Have fun experimenting with different material or color fringe or a larger bag!

DIY_Gold, Metal_Fringe_Purse_Bag3

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All images by HIGH on DIY. Thanks to my lovely friends, Mikey and Antonio, for helping me with the final outfit images.